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Windsor Wool OTC 3 Pr

Men's Socks
  • 1446H Windsor Wool Over-The-Calf Black
  • 1446H Windsor Wool Over-The-Calf Charcoal Grey
  • 1446H Windsor Wool Over-The-Calf Navy
  • 1446H Windsor Wool Over-The-Calf Brown/Bark
Style #:
3 Pair
Product Description

  • A GoldToe® favorite
  • Windsor Wool provides warmth
  • Absorbent comfort
  • Rich traditional dress rib
  • Reinforced heel and toe provide long lasting wear
  • Now with Freshcare® Moisture Management

56% Wool, 43% Nylon, 1% Spandex Exclusive of Ornamentation


Shoe Size:
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Windsor Wool OTC 3 Pr 3 out of 5 based on 63 ratings. 63 user reviews.
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Product Reviews

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  1. Missing Windsor Wool

    Posted by john on 23rd Feb 2013

    I have worn these socks since high school, a lot of years. Wearing wool socks provides for superior wicking. They are the best for long days in dress shoes. I use both the OTC and the shorter ones, depending upon the day, season, etc. For years now I have struggled to find these, both OTC and shorter. I miss the sized version and the mids. The newer OTC one size fits all is too tall. Please bring them back. I think with a little advertising support those of us that are in dress shoes all day would know how superior they are.

  2. What happened to the Olive color option

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2013

    I have been using the WW OTC socks for over 25 years and love them. In the past I have bought them by the dozen and only have two pairs of the Olive ones. Are they coming bacK?????

    GoldToe.com Response: Unfortunately, Olive has been discontinued. We are looking at limited colors for possible Fall 13.

  3. WW OTC in Extended size/length?

    Posted by Lani on 14th Jan 2013

    My husband had worn Gold Toe's Windsor Wool OTC socks in EXTENDED size for 3 decades or more. He's quite tall and needs the extended size. We used to be able to special order that size in stores that sold the Windsor Wool socks, but Windsor Wool was discontinued 5+ years ago. Now that they're back, thank goodness, we'd like to know if Gold Toe is going to offer the OTC Windsor Wool in the extended size for tall men. The only socks on your website in extended size are cotton; husband wants OTC wool.

  4. Mid-Calf please

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Dec 2012

    I have to add my voice to this conversation. I too have been wearing the WW mid-calf for decades. I need more now, please bring them back.

  5. One size does not fit all!

    Posted by Ed on 26th Dec 2012

    These socks used to be sized, small, medium, large, extra-large. One size does not fit all! Apparently, these socks are not only made in China, but the Chinese are making the decision on sizing. The Chinese are all small with the same size feet. The Chinese cannot comprehend tall Americans with big feet that need an extra-large for comfort. When you allow corporate-monopolies; you eventually get poor quality; such as one size fits all.

    These also were not available in the Redding store, where it is cold in winter. I had to order online.

  6. Bring back the WW Midcalf

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Dec 2012

    I'm always suprised when cos stop making a product and there still seems to be a strong demand for it. Need the mid calf WW back. Seems like a lot of others feel the same way. JR

  7. Windsor wool mid calf???

    Posted by Dan on 1st Dec 2012

    Where are the Windsor wool mid calf socks? I have been looking for them for three years.

  8. Listen to your long-time customers

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2012

    ATTENTION Gold Toe: Read all of the reviews that have been posted and you will find a lot of dedicated customers who CANNOT find the Windsor Wool OTC sock in major stores. WHAT has happened to eliminate this product? Has business dress gone so far south that such an item is unpopular? I was in the main Macy's store here in Chicago (sadly the former Marshall Field & Co.) and there were hundreds of pairs of Gold Toe socks ... and not ONE pair of the OTC Windsor Wool. What's more the middle-aged salesman was utterly clueless. Gold Toe is missing one of its target audiences -- even when the customer understands that HARDLY ANY clothing is any longer made in America.

  9. Glad to Return to Gold Toe OTC Windsor Wool

    Posted by Tim on 23rd Nov 2012

    I am very happy with the return of the brown color Windsor Wool OTC. I tried two other brands and neither gave satisfying results. With the return of the brown color, I replaced all the other brands with Gold Toe Windsor Wool! What a great product! A great value!

  10. I agree with GBM!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2012

    I agree with GBM! Make these socks right or lose customers. People who wear OTC wool socks are willing to pay for quality

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