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Ultra Tec Over the Calf

Men's Socks
  • Ultra Tec OTC - Grey
  • Ultra Tec OTC Black
  • Ultra Tec OTC White
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$13.50 (You save $4.50)
3 Pair
Product Description

  • A Gold Toe customer favorite!
  • Provides additional leg support
  • Soft and Breathable
  • Keeps feet cool and dry
  • Cushioned foot to absorb shock
  • Reinforced Toe for better fit, comfort, and wear

80% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 4% Polyester, 1% Spandex, Exclusive of Ornamentation


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Ultra Tec Over the Calf 4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.

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Product Reviews


    Posted by Casey Hutchinson on 15th Nov 2015

    Best Socks I Have EVER owned. PLEASE never stop making these socks, it took me 50 years to find them.

  2. Best socks I've ever worn

    Posted by Jim on 15th Mar 2015

    These are by far the best socks I have ever worn and I have spent a lot of money buying various brands and fabrics. I wear them to work as a dress sock where I stand all day and wear them casually and with boots. These are the best at actually staying up without losing elasticity and falling down to your ankles at the end of the day.

    Being cotton they absorb moisture which keeps my feet dry since I sweat a lot at work where they always crank the heat. They keep my feet drier than socks marketed as "fast drying" because the cotton absorbs the sweat whereas quick dry nylon socks always feel clammy. Cotton socks however are not a good choice if you are going to sweat a lot when hiking or going to be around water because once they do get wet, they will not dry, as is with any cotton sock. I find these even better than wool socks for staying dry because wool socks are either too thin and thus don't have enough fabric to hold onto enough moisture or they are too thick and become too warm. These socks are also really cushy and have a more padded feel than dress socks.

    Every year I buy about 12 pairs and wear them daily. They could definitely be worn longer than a year but at that point there is a noticeable loss in padding on the bottom and slight fading of the black color. The elastic is still holding up though. I am worried that they will stop making these some day and I keep thinking about stocking up just in case.

  3. Fantastic! (Would like to get it in Brown)

    Posted by Steve on 27th Jan 2015

    Fantastic, durable, stout cotton socks. I've had 9 pair in Black for years now. I would like to restock, but they must be out of Black. I would like to get these in Brown too!

  4. The only socks I wear

    Posted by Vince on 6th Nov 2014

    Other than when I absolutely have to dress up I have worn these sock exclusively for well over 10 years. They fit great until the day they finally wear out, staying up better than any other OTC sock I have worn for work, excercise or play. A great product that is also enjoyed by my son and grandsons.

  5. Beyond want....I need these socks

    Posted by Thomas Kosiorek on 30th Jan 2014

    I love these socks. They are like a security blanket for me from the time I put them on until the time I take them off. Cool, comfortable,
    rugged, support all day long. For every occasion.

  6. Great Always Comfort Sock

    Posted by Darrell Johnson on 15th Aug 2013

    I have worn these socks for years going back to the previous model 513H's. I wear plastic molded leg braces (AFO for you ortho guys) from a spinal injury and wear this sock on the inside and then a dress Gold Toe on the outside in Wolverine dura shock 6" boots so my feet get hot and sweaty. This wonderful mostly cotton sock helps keep my feet cool all day. I work as an engineer in the wireless industry so I always need the protection of sturdy and heavy boot and that adds to the hot sweaty foot problem most of the year and especially in the South in the summer. I am always around tower sites in all kinds of weather and these socks are great. They last for years and I usually buy a dozen pairs at a time. Sometimes I change socks twice a day especially in the summer and these are always my inner sock. Hard to find in white in retail stores so I most always buy from the web or the outlet store in Newton when I visit my brother near there. Keep up the quality Gold Toe and you will have a customer for life. Plus: If you can bring back as much manufacturing to North Carolina as you can. The hosiery industry there is really suffering and you can help out. Like most Americans I would pay more for a quality Made in the USA sock!

  7. the best everyday multi purpose sock i have ever used

    Posted by russell riffin on 14th Dec 2012

    i have tried dozens of brands and styles of socks and nothing at twice or more price compares to this sock. i bought 24 pairs over 5 years ago and the once black socks have faded to dark navy blue but have not lost their elasticity at all. i wear them daily. they are listed as an athletic sock but they work for everything i do. i own but don't use dress or support socks anymore. synthetic socks make my feet sweat. the cotton is far more comfortable and absorbent and for casual dress up these are fine. they make a great work sock or boot sock. i am often on my feet all day and considering they are 80% cotton the support is amazing. they are not just elastic around the top but fit nice and snug all the way up the calf.

    i feel there is at least another couple of years left in the first 24 pairs but i just ordered 24 more. i didn't want to take the chance they might not be available when i wanted more. i figure it cost me around a dollar a month to wear socks that wear like iron and have the best elastic qualities i have ever seen in a high cotton content sock.

    2 things i noticed are the foot part runs large but for my 10eee feet they are fine, they would not be tight on a bigger foot but if you are an 7-8 i would try a 3 pack first before you buy them like i do. also the first washing before wearing the first time, turn them inside out and be ready to clean out the lint filter on the washing machine. i would wash them twice inside out before wearing them since the inside seems to be a bit fuzzier for some reason--probably for comfort. we line dry our cloths and maybe that, as opposed to a hot dryer contributes to long elastic life. but with the same drying, other high cotton content sock never even came close to half the life these have and they still are hanging in there strong. i cant say enough good about these. please keep making them the same gold toe. don't change this product at all. it is as good as it gets just like it is.

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