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Cushion Foot Fluffies® 3 Pr

Men's Socks
  • Cushion Foot Fluffies® 3 Pr Black
  • Cushion Foot Fluffies® 3 Pr Brown
  • Cushion Foot Fluffies® 3 Pr Navy
  • Cushion Foot Fluffies® 3 Pr Khaki
Style #:
3 Pair
Product Description

  • Similar to our best selling Fluffies® only with a cushioned sole for added comfort
  • Comfort cushion foot wicks away moisture
  • Mid-weight
  • Now with Freshcare® Moisture Management

77% Acrylic, 23% Nylon Exclusive of Ornamentation


Shoe Size:
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Cushion Foot Fluffies® 3 Pr 3 out of 5 based on 36 ratings. 36 user reviews.
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Product Reviews

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  1. Where are the white fluffies???

    Posted by Ron on 26th Sep 2013

    Why doesn't GoldToe listen to customers - I see many reviews that the people (including ME) want the white cushion foot socks and I don't see or hear that GoldToe is listening at all!!! I guess I will just have to find another company's socks that will come close to the comfort of the cushion foot fluffies! GoldToe shame on you for not listening to your customer needs!!!

  2. There used to be a light blue color that was perfect with my denim jeans...

    Posted by Kent on 24th Jul 2013

    I am not sure about quality issues, but I have always (20+ years!) liked the cushion foot comfort for my long days. I have lots of black, dark brown and tan. How about bringing back denim/ lighter blue for summer? Gray was a good color too.

  3. More Colors Please

    Posted by John on 16th Jun 2013

    And now I see that they have discontinued the gray color! This and the decrease in quality are the end. No more Goldtoe Fluffies for me.

  4. gray fluffies size 14-16

    Posted by Harry Edmondson on 4th Jun 2013

    can't seem to find gray color fluffies size 14-16

  5. "New and improved??" Bring back the "Old and Lousy"!

    Posted by Joe Wolf - Traverse City, Michigan on 21st Apr 2013

    I am very disappointed in the new fluffies. I will by something other than goldtoe until they bring them back!

  6. I just bought my last pair of goldtoe fluffies.

    Posted by Joe Wolf on 21st Apr 2013

    I am very disappointed in the" new and improved" cushioned heel fluffies. Until they return to the"old and lousy", I will buy something besides goldtoe!

  7. FIve stars are for the American-made socks - don't know about the Chinese made yet

    Posted by William on 16th Apr 2013

    The American-made Cushion Fluffies are the best socks I've ever owned, bar none. I'm ordering one pack of the black today, with a lot of trepidation. The reviews I've read on all Fluffies are scathing, and frankly hope I'm not throwing my money away. Gold Toe used to be the gold standard - I hope I can still think of you that way after I receive my socks.

  8. No WHITE Cushion Fluffies? WHY?

    Posted by Looking for a GoldToe replacement on 11th Feb 2013

    I can't believe you stopped selling the white ones! Shame on you Gold Toe.

    Also, please start selling maybe 1 or 2 additional variations of Brown. The brown and kahki are not enough.

    btw, you're website looks nice but it took me too long to find the cushion fluffies and you online order system is broken. It doesn't show my previous order details, only the order number. I don't care about the order number at all.

  9. I want white cushion foot Fluffies

    Posted by m. stahl on 23rd Jan 2013

    Always bought the white cushion foot at Penney's. I thought that they just stopped carrying them and discovered that they are no longer made. Why Not???

    GoldToe.com Response:
    When accounts stopped carrying them and minimums can't be made, they become discontinued. Once inventory is gone, it's no longer available on the site.

  10. Want white cushion-foot fluffies

    Posted by Don Fuller on 16th Jan 2013

    It is absurd that you do not offer the cushion-foot fluffies in white. They are very comfortable and really help throughout the day, and I have them in colors. But I want some in white. I can think of no reason not to include them in the product line. Even if white would be more expensive, I would still buy them and I am convinced many other people would, as well.

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